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Our Promise


Our Promise

At Dynamic Software, Inc,  we know your software is the backbone of your business, which is why we  offer innovative, mission-critical solutions that offer you better  availability, improve efficiency, and offer flexible, scalable systems  that meet the specific needs of your business. Dynamic Software also  provides disaster recovery solutions to protect your information from  hazards and outages that can cause multi-million dollar losses. 

 Because of the pivotal  role we play in your business, Dynamic Software is committed to creating  and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a  foundation of excellence and trust. From the software we design to our  dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you.   

About Us

Dynamic  Software was started in January of 2007 by J. Brian Lee. Brian's early  years were spent working at his parent's appliance and electronics  stores in the 1970's and 1980's. Before computers were prevalent,  Brian's father Jim saw the need for a custom program for the appliance,  electronics, and furniture business. Jim's vision grew from a simple  inventory management program in 1982, to the fully integrated system  that TIMS is today. 

Brian started working at his parent's software company in 1989. His degrees in accounting and finance, combined with the years of experience in the industry, gave him the tools he needed to quickly and firmly grasp every aspect of the business. In 2004, Jim took a well deserved retirement and the new Dynamic Software was born.

Brian started Dynamic Software in order to continue the 25 year family tradition of supplying effective computer software solutions to the Retail TV, Appliance, and Furniture industry. Because this industry is forever changing, so must the software in order to stay on the cutting edge of all that technology has to offer. Dynamic Software has a great staff working behind the scenes in programming, support and administration. In addition, several of Dynamic Software’s employees have 20 to 30 years experience in the Retail TV, Appliance, and Furniture industry. All of this experience coupled with our latest software solutions makes Dynamic Software. one of the premier software solution providers available today. Dynamic Software is a family owned and operated business determined to continue serving the Appliance / Electronics / Furniture Retailer in the fashion Brian’s parents did for 25 years. We believe in offering a product that meets the customer’s needs today and improving the product to anticipate the needs of the future.


The TIMS Difference

We supply what the other are afraid of

"Totally Integrated" is not just a name, but a fact. From sales order entry, to receiving,  customer delivery, invoicing AND all accounting functions, TIMS provides seamless processing. Most of our competition does not supply  bookkeeping and accounting functions within their software. They expect  you to also purchase another off the shelf package. What are they afraid  of? Our programmers, trainers and support personnel have degrees in  business, accounting and finance. We know the difference between a debit  and a credit and what a Profit and Loss Statement is and how to read  it. 

Inventory Control


Purchasing  and receiving are basic inventory functions that any software can  provide, but is your purchasing and inventory under control? TIMS will help you in making your purchasing decisions by combining your  sales history, your current sales expected delivery dates and your on  hand inventory to suggest what items you really need to order and when  to order. TIMS will also  assist in cutting back on current inventory by identifying older and  slower moving merchandise that needs to be pushed out with special  pricing

Point of Sale


Our Point of Sale Module  puts all the necessary tools a salesperson needs right into their hands.  Customer service must be first and foremost and it is NOT just about  "writing up a sale". Salespeople can answer virtually any question a  customer may have about current or past purchases. TIMS also provides the ability to assist customers by adjusting current  sales. Changing delivery dates to changing models on an order and all  thing in between. User access to all functions are controlled by  management. 

Bookkeeping and Accounting


TIMS is a Totally Integrated Management System. Accounts Payable is updated  through Inventory Vendor Invoicing. Accounts Receivable is updated from  Sales Processing. The Bank Register is updated from AP Payments and Cash  Drawer Deposits. All in real-time. Finally all the bookkeeping  processes update the fully functional General Ledger with customizable  balance sheets, income statements and profit and loss reports. 

Service Manager


If you have a service department, TIMS has a full service module for taking, scheduling and monitoring service  calls. Customer product information is immediately updated from the  sales portion of TIMS. This  allows your service team to have access to a product's manufacturer  warranty status as well as any extended service warranties purchased.  Warranty claims are electronically submitted for quick cash turn-around.  Technician scheduling and productivity reports keep track of  technician's recalls. 



 TIMS provides you with hundreds of reports to help you analyze your business. TIMS has basic easy-to-read reports showing inventory or sales figures. TIMS also has complex analysis reports that utilize dozens of parameters  custom to your individual way of doing business which will show small  changes you can make that will save you big money. Our knowledgeable  staff will happily assist you to find the reports you need to make smart  decisions to increase profits. 



Receiving, shipping and taking inventory have never been easier than with TIMS barcode scanners. Barcode eliminates costly mistakes that can be made when items are received with pen and paper. Items are immediately verified against the purchase order as they are scanned in. Shipping errors are also caught by scanning the items on to the delivery trucks verifying that the proper models are truly going out the door. Using barcode scanners to do an inventory check reduces to a fraction of the time required to do a manual count.

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